Friday, July 17, 2009

Summer Registration is Underway!

Greetings from an exhausted (yet extremely excited) Elmira College! Today we wrapped up our second session of Summer Registration here at the College. So far, we’ve met about 200 of the incoming members of the LUCKY Class of 2013. It is shaping up to be an impressive class for sure; even after taking three placement exams, registering for classes, and learning the laundry list of first-year requirements, the students still had the energy and enthusiasm to play dozens of games, sing dozens of college songs, and meet dozens of new friends. What was even more impressive to us was the equally, if not greater, enthusiasm and excitement of their parents. We heard so many great stories (which we’re sure students would be mortified to know their parents shared) about childhood, academic, athletic, and social developments students have made on the journey that has led them to us.

We think students and their families would agree it was a successful program; many new friends were made, bonds were built, prizes were won, and bellies were filled… constantly, no one could ever say they went hungry under Jim’s watch. Our fantastic Orientation Leaders worked tirelessly to prepare for the event and they pulled it off with extraordinary gusto.

Here at Elmira College we are eager to meet the final members of the LUCKY Class of 2013 at Summer Registration III in a few weeks and we look forward to greeting them as a complete class during the Fall Orientation Beanie Ceremony in front of our historic Cowles Hall! See you soon!

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