Friday, August 28, 2009

Moving In Tips

Fall Orientation is just around the corner and many of you incoming freshmen may be feeling the pre-college jitters. Here are a few tips to help ease the move-in process at Elmira College. These tips are all from previous and current students who have gone through the jitters of moving into a dorm.
  • First thing is first: Make the bed. This is the first step to feeling at home in your new home. Plus, it will keep mom from tearfully hugging you for a few minutes.

  • Get here early. There will be more than 300 freshmen moving in this year, and you definitely want to beat the rush. And, the first one to the room can choose what side they want.

  • On the same note, the earlier you move in the longer you have to unpack and organize before orientation actually begins, and the more organized you are that day will mean more time for much-needed naps between sessions rather than more time needed for unpacking.

  • When you first check in, immediately put your room and dorm keys on a lanyard or keychain. It will make then easier to identify and harder to misplace during the hectic move-in process.

  • Make sure to contact your roommate PRIOR to moving in. There will not be enough room for two fridges, two TVs, or two Playstations. (Ok, there may be space for the game systems, but you get the point).

  • Pack conservatively! Between you and your roommate, space is limited so think twice before packing all 27 pairs of flip flops or sneakers. You may want to consider leaving heavy winter clothes at home until the October break or Thanksgiving recess.

  • Check your room thoroughly when filling out the Room Condition Reports (RCRs) during move-in. Make note of even the smallest cracks or chips in furniture so you aren’t charged at the end of the year for something that was there before you moved in.

  • Only use 3M tabs to hang decorations- at the end of the year they can be removed without ruining the walls, that way you won’t be charged for room damage.

  • Avoid bringing large plastic bins. They are good to pack in, but terrible to store in the rooms… again, limited space.

  • Bring bed risers: whether they are the plastic kind from Target, or simply cinder blocks from Lowes, a higher bed will give you a bit more storage room, and keep you farther from the floor where the most germs are.

  • Remember: No Extension Cords. They are not permitted. Instead, invest in one or two surge protector power strips.

  • Do not pack loose items. Since first-year students have the advantage of the Orientation Leaders as move-in helpers, do everyone a favor and pack in boxes or bags. This will mean fewer trips, and faster unpacking time.

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