Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Class of 2013

Hey Everyone,

Today I had some time to reflect on Elmira's newest students, the Class of 2013. It was a pleasure to help this class become Elmira College students by looking at their applications, reading their essays, seeing them at high schools and finally congratulating them on their decision to attend Elmira College. This class not only is academically strong, they are also unique and involved.

I am amazed how much they have achieved already. For example some students have done extensive community service projects, held leadership roles inside and outside school. Some have started theater programs at their schools while others have demonstrated dedication on the athletic field, young entrepreneurs have started their own companies and some have led bands on stage performing in front of large crowds. This is just off the top of my head and I could go on much longer with other student's achievements.

There is no doubt that this class is talented. However, the quality of this incoming class combined with the great opportunities and resources that Elmira College provides will make for an exciting time in Elmira's long history. That being said there are high expectations for the class but I have no doubt that they will continue the tradition of student involvement.

-Phil Jackson '06
Assistant Director of Admissions

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